Digital Fairy Tales: Album One – Group Show

music by Miss Natasha Enquist
edited by Thomas D. Rotenberg

Digital Fairy Tales: Album One debuts 10/6 on the Manhattan Bridge and the Made in NY Media Center by IFP, both in DUMBO, Brooklyn!

featuring new work by:
Rani Messias + Kinga Toth
Sarah Mock + Daniela Imhoff
Richard Jochum + Theory
Integrated Visions + Miss Natasha Enquist
Radka Salcmannova
Thomas Rotenberg + Damian Master
Josh Graham

Standard Model Catastrophes


Standard Model Catastrophes is both a look back and a glimpse of what lies ahead for multimedia artist Josh Graham. After designing concert visuals for both independent bands and some of the biggest musical acts in the world, Josh is now serving as Soundgarden’s creative director – a position which has allowed the scope of his work to increase exponentially.

On display will be works from the past 10+ years, including concert visuals, music videos, and video art, as well as his most recent visuals for Soundgarden’s live performances. Featured works include concert visuals from Soundgarden, Jay-Z, Drake, Neurosis, and A Storm Of Light, and music videos for Dillinger Escape Plan, Eyehategod, and Isis.

Standard Model Catastrophes will also see the world premiere of “Watchmaker,” a brand new installation custom-designed for the Made in NY Media Center’s 360-degree projection space. From Josh: “Watchmaker focuses on the current rising escalation between the US/Nato and Russia, focusing specifically on the thousands of nuclear warheads that are currently armed and ready to launch.” The installation is set to the avant-garde electronica song, Still Life, by Gazelle Twin (aka British composer, producer and musician Elizabeth Bernholz).

Solo Art Show – San Francisco – June 2nd – E6 Gallery

Voices in the Bardo


Voices in the Bardo: Curated by Buddy Nestor

Philadelphia, PA: Shadow’s Space Gallery: May 7 – June 25 2010

Shadow’s Space is pleased to announce an exhibition featuring works that explore the depths of the Bardo, the transmigration between worlds where death in imminent and darkness begins to close in. “Voices In The Bardo” takes us on a journey through this plain of existence between life and death featuring portrayals of superheroes & villains, angels & demons, the ugly, the taboo, and varying states of human frailty and folly. Exploring various interpretations of the Bardo are artworks created by a wide range of prominent artists who explore all facets of the neo-grotesque aesthetic, and ideals incorporated within it.
Show Highlights:

Seasoned artists such as Paul Romano, Josh Graham, Stephen Kasner and Frank Hyder will punctuate the exhibition with their highly signified visual styles. Romano’s striking colorful monstrosities, Graham’s otherworldly photographic manipulations, and Kasner’s dark and haunting imagery has captured the attention of not only the artistic community, but that of multiple recording artists and music fans alike. While Hyder’s unique large-scale creations have graced museum collections worldwide. Edith Lebeau and Dan Harding’s meticulous oil paintings present polar sides of the Bardo, ethereal sweeping beauty and demonic presences. While Peggy Wauters’ bizarre, intricate sculptures and dioramas range from the whimsical to the truly horrific.

Participating artists:

Frank Hyder, Paul Romano, Katie Perdue, Nicole Boitos, Peggy Wauters, Edith Lebeau, Erin Endicott,JoKa, Josh Graham, Stephen Kasner, Dan Harding, Scott Cranmer, Alfons Van Audenhove, Buddy Nestor

Scion Installation Six


Los Angeles, CA: Scion Installation LA: January 23 – February 13 2010

Austin, TX: Okay Mountain: February 20 – March 06 2010

Wichita, KA: Tangent Lab: March 26 – April 10 2010

Minneapolis, MN: Pink Hobo Gallery: May 7 – May 21 2010

Brooklyn, NY: Eastern District: June 4 – June 27 2010

The sixth Scion Installation tour focuses on the medium of video, which emerged in the 1960s and has since expanded galleries into more experimental, kinetic and interactive spaces. Installation 6: Video challenged 10 artists to create non-narrative video installations that will transform five unique exhibitions. Artists include Dust la Rock (Brooklyn, NY), Eric Nakamura (Los Angeles, CA), Saelee Oh (Los Angeles, CA), French (London, England), Josh Graham (New York, NY), Monihan Monihan (New York, NY), Mark Mothersbaugh (Los Angeles, CA), PMKFA (Tokyo, Japan), Sage Vaughn (Los Angeles, CA) and Ill-Studio (Paris, France).

Launched in 2003, Scion Installation is a revolutionary art tour affirming the brand’s ongoing commitment to support independent artistic expression and featuring work from an unprecedented collective of contemporary artists, designers, photographers and filmmakers.